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TummyTub - Silky Gift Bag

The tummy tub is an award-winning baby bath which is endorsed by midwives and doctors worldwide- it's no coincidence that it's one of our best-selling products! The tummy tub is literally that; a tub-shaped bath which was designed to emulate the feeling of being in the uterus. Babies love the up-to-the-shoulder immersion that is totally unique to this bathing system and its benefits are numerous. The tummy tub can help with colic, soothing babies to sleep and is especially recommended for premature babies, who really benefit from the unique shape of the tub.

Mothers also report that the tummy tub is useful after birth as the clever design of the bath means that it only needs a small amount of water in the bottom, which then uses displacement to cover the baby up to their shoulders. This means that the tub can be carried to a warm bedroom or nursery, where bathtime can be completed in a warm, relaxing and comforting environment, with the greatest of ease.

The Stepstool is a great accessory to the tummy tub as it raises the bath to a comfortable height to enable parents to sit on a chair or bed to bathe their baby, which is invaluable if you've had a c-section or stitches after birth.

And if that wasn't great enough, the whole tub is fully recyclable, which means you know that you can dispose of it responsibly when it no longer fits your family!

For more information, please visit the tummy tub website.